Group 2F: HR+ Breast Cancer; Clinical Trials; Novel Targets & Therapies; Treatment Resistance

Poster #TPS3167: BrUOG 387: Phase Ib investigator-initiated trial of a heat shock protein 90 inhibitor (HSP90i) combined with a CDK4/6i in advanced breast cancer progressing on CDK4/6i and in solid tumors with retinoblastoma (Rb)-deficiency (IND163592)

Poster #1079: A phase I trial of palbociclib (palbo) and bosutinib (bos) with fulvestrant (fulv) in patients (pts) with hormone receptor–positive, HER2-negative (HR+/HER2-) metastatic breast cancer (MBC) refractory to an aromatase inhibitor (AI) and a CDK4/6 inhibitor (CDK4/6i)

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Jun 14 2023


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