Group 1D: Novel Targets & Treatments

Wednesday, Dec 14
10:00 am – 11:30 am Eastern Time (US/New York)

Poster #OT1-03-01

XMT-1660: A Phase 1b trial of a B7-H4 targeted antibody drug conjugate (ADC) in breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancers

Poster #P4-08-15:

Identification of target kinases whose inhibition enhances antitumor efficacy of sacituzumab-govitecan in metastatic HER2-negative breast cancer

Mentor: Terri Shipp, M.S.

Terri Shipp shares a passion for science and the education of women affected by breast cancer.  She was personally affected by the disease as a young woman and 12 years later was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.  She holds a master’s degree in science in the field of electrical engineering and has actively attended many conferences and seminars on breast cancer.

She graduated in 2022 from Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s (LBBC) Hear My Voice Metastatic Advocacy Program and the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s Project LEAD Program.  She also supports METAvivor’s Michigan #LightUpMBC and the Stage IV Stampede teams.

In 2021, she became an advocate for GRASP and has participated in multiple poster reviews with the authors of various scientific studies.  This year, she moved to the mentor advocate roll. She is excited to be a part of these program.

Scientist: Veronique Debien, M.D.

Véronique Debien was trained as a medical oncologist in France, after moving to clinical research at Institut Jules Bordet, Brussels, Belgium. Involved in academia-promoted clinical trials, the patients’ input provided helpful suggestions for the clinical trial setting. Additionally, passionate about early phases, her goal is to make cancer knowledge accessible to a larger panel of patients, demystify clinical research in oncology and thus optimize clinician-patient collaboration.

Twitter: @veroniquedebien