Group 2F: Novel Targets

Thursday, Sept 15
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Eastern Time (US/New York)

Poster #1: 

MCAM Alters Mammary Lineage Plasticity and Tumorigenesis

Poster author Brooke Gates will attend this session

Poster #2:

Deciphering the Role of Ron and Short-Form Ron in Driving Breast Cancer Metastasis

Mentor: Jacqueline Benson, P.A.

Jacqueline Benson is a Physician Assistant, military spouse and mother of four. She was diagnosed with inflammatory metastatic HER2+ breast cancer de novo (no evidence of disease prior to metastatic diagnosis) on a routine yearly mammogram in 2016. She has undergone multiple cycles of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and participated in a clinical trial.

Since her diagnosis she has devoted her time and energy to advocate for women living with metastatic breast cancer. She is inspired by those who came before and her friends who did not survive their breast cancer. She is an SOS mentor for women with newly diagnosed metastatic breast cancer through INOVA Fairfax and a graduate of NBCC Project Lead 2022.

She plans to continue to assist in influencing public policy and to have a voice in ongoing and forthcoming research proposals.

Scientist: Jennifer Xavier, Ph.D.

Jennifer Xavier, Ph.D. is the Associate Director of Research, Institute of Precision Medicine, and Research Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Xavier joined the University of Pittsburgh in 2017 after ten years of post-doctorate research focusing on pharmacology, genetics, oncology and precision medicine. Dr. Xavier trained at St Jude Research Hospital and the Ontario Cancer Institute before joining Eli Lilly and Company where she was a Research Scientist and group leader in Investigational Toxicology. Prior to her appointment at the University of Pittsburgh Dr. Xavier was an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Penn State College of Medicine where her research involved validating novel drug targets and disease models in oncology, and leading the divisions biorepository. Dr Xavier is an integral member of the Lee Oesterreich research team at Pitt where she studies endocrine resistant breast cancer with a focus on validation of novel drug targets in metastatic disease. Dr Xavier oversees biospecimens research in the Lee Oesterreich laboratory and leads the development of a patient derived organoid resource in her role with the Institute for Precision Medicine.

Twitter: @jennifermxavier