Group 3D: ESR1 Mutation, Immuno-Oncology, Novel Targets, HR+ Breast Cancer

Thursday, Sept 15
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Eastern Time (US/New York)

Poster #1: 

Androgen-Regulated Secreted Factors Promote Pro-Metastatic Immune Alteration in Breast Cancer

Poster #2:

Augment T-Cell Activity to Treat Breast Cancer Metastases

Mentor: Patricia Kellerhouse

Patti Kellerhouse has a + 30-year history in clinical and pre-clinical research for major pharmaceutical companies in human and veterinary health. She has co-authored 3 major papers and over 16 abstracts in refereed forums. Her original diagnosis occurred in 2008 and after 9 years disease free her oncologist said she had done “everything right” (lumpectomy, clinical trial with Paclitaxel, radiation, aromatase inhibitor treatment (7.5 years)) for her ER+ HER2 breast cancer but was in the unlucky percentile to progress with 5 liver metastases. Ironically, her breast cancer disease aligned with her career and while working in clinical development cancer research she received her MBC diagnosis the same month (Oct2017) as the FDA launch of a new CDK 4-6 inhibitor she had worked on for years and eventually took as her first line treatment. She continues treatment with the CDK4-6/Fulvestrant regiment and is doing well. Patti has been a consumer reviewer for the DOD BCRP since 2013, an avid Dragonboat paddler she is also on the board for Look Beyond Cancer a non-profit which runs the Rose Regatta Dragonboat festival a major fund driver for the RED ROSE program (Responsible Early Detection) in Las Vegas. She volunteers for ACS-CAN network, was nominated for the Twisted Pink Robert L. Delaby Advocate Award to attend ASCO in 2022. And due to COVID, training for the National Breast Cancer Coalition 2020 Project LEAD® Institute will happen in 2022. She recently was excited to join GRASP. Her spare time is spent enjoying her family including four lovely grandchildren, horse, pony and dog!

Scientist: Sayali Onkar, Ph.D.

Sayali Onkar is a recent graduate with a PhD in Immunology. She trained in breast immuno-oncology with a focus on studying the immune response to estrogen receptor positive ductal and lobular breast carcinoma. Sayali is passionate about science outreach and has engaged with patient advocates throughout her PhD training at the University of Pittsburgh. She has presented her work and participated in meetings, discussions and events for Breast Cancer Research Advisory Network (BCRAN) and Susan G Komen Foundation in Pittsburgh. Sayali continues her efforts in the lab in the memory of her mother who passed of metastatic disease. She stays committed to the cause of improved patient outcomes through translational research.

Twitter: @onkarsayali