Group 3E: Triple Negative Breast Cancer; Healthcare Equity; Symptoms & Survivorship; Underserved Populations

Wednesday, June 14 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Eastern Time (US/New York)

Mentor: Jasmine Souers

Jasmine Souers is a passionate advocate for young women and people of color affected by breast cancer. Diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer at the age of 26 in 2016, Jasmine turned her pain into purpose through volunteerism, entrepreneurship, advocacy and co-founding For the Breast of Us, the first inclusive breast cancer community for all women of color. Today, she is the founding president and CEO of The Missing Pink Breast Cancer Alliance, connecting change agents to improve the lives of people of color affected by breast cancer. She lends her expertise to organizations like the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Mayo Clinic.

Twitter: @MissingPinkBCA@bravebeauty26

Scientist: Julia Falco, Ph.D. Candidate

Julia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Loyola University New Orleans and is currently finishing up her Ph.D. in Chemical Biology at Boston College. In her Ph.D. work, she uses chemical proteomics to investigate cysteine post-translational modifications and understand their role in regulating protein activity in vivo. Outside of the lab, Julia has a particular interest in learning about breast cancer biology and treatments and hopes to pursue this in her future career. At 26 she was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer and was found to have a BRCA1 mutation. During her own cancer treatments, her mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer and her two sisters with a BRCA1 mutation. She is an advocate within the breast cancer community and is passionate about sharing educational breast cancer content on her blog, Breast Cancer Blessings. In her free time you can find her doing yoga, walking in nature, or cuddling with her dog, Newt!