Group 3H: Immuno-Oncology, Tumor Microenvironment, Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Thursday, Sept 15
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Eastern Time (US/New York)

Poster #1: 

The Role of the TGF-Beta Pathway in Maintaining Partial EMT In Basal Breast Cancer Cells

Poster author Alexey Ivanov, Ph.D. will attend this session

Poster #2:

Eya3 Regulates NF-kB Signaling, Alters the Pre-metastatic Niche, and Promotes Tumor Progression in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Poster author Connor Hughes M.D./Ph.D. Candidate will attend this session

Mentor: Victoria Goldberg

Victoria Goldberg has been living with Triple Positive MBC since January 2014.  The side effects of the treatment forced her to stop working in the stressful and grueling field of finance earlier than she had planned. She was not ready for retirement and felt a desire to assist others who live daily with this dreadful disease. Advocacy gave her that missing structure and purpose. It felt “right.”  She came to SHARE in 2017, first as a BC helpline volunteer, and later as a founder and manager of TalkMets, SHARE’s dedicated helpline for those living with MBC, and a support group facilitator. In July 2020, Victoria joined the team behind the Our MBC Life podcast.  She is one of the senior producers and is trying her hand at sound editing, graphic design, and co-hosting.  Victoria enjoys working with peers and other stakeholders in the metastatic breast cancer field. She is a member of the MBC Alliance and a graduate of the 2018 NBCC’s Project LEAD. Victoria resides in New York City never forgetting that she is living with an advanced disease, but it’s no longer on the forefront of her life.

Scientist: Sailajah Gukathasan, Ph.D.

Sailajah Gukathasan is currently working in chemical proteomics at Weerapana Lab, Chemistry Department at Boston College, under Prof. Eranthie Weerapana as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow after successfully completing her Doctoral degree. Her doctoral work mainly focused on the unique niche of developing gold-based reagents for specific protein modulation under the guidance of Prof. Samuel Awuah at the University of Kentucky. In addition to that, she worked with developing gold(III) scaffolds for enhanced anticancer activity. She is originally from the idyllic city of Jaffna in Sri Lanka and graduated Honors with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Zoology. She left her position as a government official in Sri Lanka to realize her true passion for contributing to society through science, better achieved by devoting her time to research and completing graduate school. Taking her first step towards her goal, she moved to the US in 2015 for a Master’s degree from Tennessee Technological University.

Twitter: @gukansailu