Group 5F: Lobular Breast Cancer; Predictive Biomarkers

Thursday, Dec 15
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Eastern Time (US/New York)

Poster #P3-05-08

Prevalence and prognosis of ER-loss in advanced invasive lobular carcinoma

Poster #P4-02-04:

Serial monitoring of circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA in metastatic lobular breast cancer identifies intra-tumor heterogeneity and precision and immuno-oncology biomarkers of therapeutic importance

Poster author Andi Cani, Ph.D. will attend this session

Mentor: Laurie Hutcheson, M.S.

Laurie Hutcheson is an ILC patient advocate and Executive Director of the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance (LBCA). She received her master’s degree from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and has been a leader in health care program development and management for over 40 years. Her experience includes executive roles in Massachusetts health and human services agencies, in behavioral health provider organizations and managing her own consulting business. Laurie joined LBCA as a volunteer following her diagnosis and treatment for invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) in 2018. In May 2020, in lieu of retirement, she took over as LBCA’s executive director. Laurie is committed to working collaboratively with patient advocates, scientists, and clinicians in the U.S. and globally to raise awareness about ILC and to promote vitally needed ILC research.

Laurie is a Project Lead graduate. She is also an active research advocate in the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Breast Cancer Advocate group, and Komen Advocates in Science, and is on the board of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. She is a peer counselor with After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, and a member of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance, and of the European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium. She has also served as a GRASP mentor for the ILC-focused sessions.

Twitter: @lobularBCA

Scientist: Abdalla Wedn, Ph.D. Candidate

Abdalla Wedn is a PhD student at the Molecular Pharmacology Graduate Program (MPGP), University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He studies invasive lobular breast carcinoma in the laboratory of Dr. Adrian Lee and Dr. Steffi Oesterreich. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical sciences and a Master’s degree in Pharmacology from Alexandria University in Egypt. Abdalla has a work experience in clinical pharmacy and academic teaching.