Our MBC Life Podcast Interview

S01 E27 – Interview with Christine Hodgdon & Julia Maués

Hear from the co-founders of GRASP as they describe the different programs offered for advocates without a science background.

Co-host Natalia Green finds out how Christine Hodgdon and Julia Maués, co-founders of GRASP (Guiding Researchers and Advocates to Scientific Partnerships) saw an opportunity last year to bridge the gap between researchers and MBC advocates in the pursuit of better research connections. Christine Hodgdon was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2015 and has a background in biology and nonprofit programming. In addition to her work with GRASP, Christine is the founder of the  Storm Riders Network, a website that shares the latest breast cancer research, treatments, and clinical trials. Julia Maués was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 while pregnant. Following the birth of a healthy baby boy, Julia did tests she couldn’t do while pregnant and discovered cancer had spread to her brain, liver, and bones. Julia has found meaning and purpose in working with patients and researchers to make cancer research more patient-centered, innovative, and inclusive. Find out how to tap into the GRASP registry of advocates and researchers.

You will want to listen to these two inspirational advocates who are as smart as they are passionate and kind.


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