Unveiling Our Annual Impact Report: A Year of Progress and Collaboration

Explore the remarkable strides and collaborative endeavors that defined GRASP’s impactful journey throughout 2022 in our newly released Annual Impact Report.

We’re excited to share our 2022 Annual Impact Report, a testament to a year of incredible progress, collaboration, and transformative change. Since our inception in 2019, GRASP has been dedicated to breaking down barriers between patients and the scientific community, and this report highlights the remarkable strides we’ve made together in 2022.

We’ve witnessed the power of collaboration in action throughout the past year. Over 600 individuals participated in our Poster Walkthroughs, where scientists, experienced advocates, mentors, and patient advocates came together to dissect research posters at cancer conferences. Our reception at the SABCS 2022 conference brought together a diverse range of participants, from patient advocates and scientists to clinicians and industry members, underscoring the strength of our united mission.

The impact of our work has reverberated beyond borders, reaching international audiences from Argentina to the Philippines. We’ve fostered connections that amplify our mission, bolster our financial capacity, and enhance our programs, all while solidifying our role as trailblazers in patient-focused research advocacy.

As we reflect on the successes of 2022, we’re also excited to announce a pivotal decision to strengthen our organization for even greater growth. This commitment to progress is a testament to our dynamic community of scientists, advocates, donors, partners, and team members, who have collectively propelled GRASP to the forefront of research advocacy on a global scale.

Our Annual Impact Report is a celebration of your dedication and partnership. As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of cancer research, we’re inspired by the profound impact our collective efforts have on countless individuals’ lives. Together, we honor the contributions of patient advocates who’ve led the way and look ahead to a future filled with even more groundbreaking discoveries.